Deliverance in Praise

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Written by: Brian Martin Worship 4 Life

“D.I.P (Deliverance in Praise)” is an anthem to the power of praise. The song is strongly rooted in 2 Chronicles chapter 20 recounting King Jehoshaphat’s defeat of the Moabites and the Ammonites using the power of praise.

“Deliverance comes when you praise; The battle is won when you praise; All your trials you’ll overcome When you praise him.”

Brian Martin & Worship 4 Life captures the heart and soul of their audience with a sound that is universal and incorporates strong lyrical content with rich musical definition which appeals to everyone.

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1. Intro D.I.P
2. If it Hadn't Been For God
3. Sing Praises
4. Just For Who You Are
5. Stand Still
6. How Can I Deny
7. Deliverance In Praise
8. No Weapon
9. God's Grace
10. Overcomer
11. Is There Anything to Hard
12. Wait
13. Mercy Endures
14. More Than Are Conqueror
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